Journal Policy


The policy of the journal is covered by the following topics:   

Open Access


The Iraqi journal of chemical and petroleum engineering is an open access journal published under the auspices of university of Baghdad/collage of engineering. Abstracts and full texts of all articles published in this Journal accessible to everyone immediately after publication.



Adherence with publication ethics ensures the high quality of scientific publishing and confidence in published articles. Therefore, Iraqi journal of chemical and petroleum engineering ensured that all submitted papers adhere to ethical requirements to protecting the integrity of the scholarly record.

  • All the authors should be sure to include only the relevant citations in their manuscript contain, Citations that are not relevant to the article are unaccepted.
  • All the submitted manuscripts are subjected to Turnitin detection for plagiarism. As a guide, no more than 20% similarity is accepted for submitted articles.
  • The journal committed that all information related to the papers are kept preserved and not disclosure until it confirmed by the authors and the editorial board.
  • Editorial board will not take advantage from information included in rejected or unpublished papers.


 The editorial board of IJCPE recommend that authorship should be based on the following criteria:

Each author participated in the article should have a share in article design and structure, the study identity and scope and contribute in data analysis/collection.

In addition, all authors have the right to version of manuscript to be published, and approve the journal publication version. All part of work must be perfectly accurate, take into consideration the integrity of research aspects.


Conflict of interest

Reviewers should disclose any conflict of interest and if necessary, decline the review of any manuscript they perceive to have a conflict of interest. Editors should also decline from considering any manuscript that may have a conflict of interest. Such manuscripts will be re-assigned to other reviewer.

In addition, the authors should guaranteed that the research is free of bias. If the research is funded any organization, the authors should acknowledging the organization’s contribution.


Any author is in the right to have complaints about policies, procedures, or actions of the journal’s editorial members. The complaints are more welcome to us because they provide an opportunity and a spur for improvement, and of course, we will follow up the complaints as soon as possible.

Please do not hesitate and send your complaint to the following addresses:

Mail Address

Iraq-Baghdad-P.O. Box 47024 Iraqi Journal of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Email Address

Complaints should include article title, authors name, article submitting date and complaint subject. All complaints transfer to the editorial board of Iraqi Journal of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. Requests will be considered within 3 working days.